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Our 4th year of teaching the Partner dances for Cheyenne at the Grand Burstin in Folkestone and this weekend could possibly have been the best yet!

Cheyenne Promotions run the Country Music & Dance Weekends at the Grand Burstin Hotel and they just keep getting better. I have said before and am happy to be able to say it again, the people who come to this festival is the reason for its continued success. Dancers and loyal listeners just keep coming back for the atmosphere and comradery that is so rare to find.

IMG 3030
Line Dancers

This is a line and partner dance event and the etiquette is just brilliant, sure there are times when lines extend a little longer than the dance floor allows, and there's also times when partners cut the corners! But with patience and understanding and common courtesy everyone gets on so well the dance floor just works.

Friday afternoon the teaching starts at 1pm, alternating between line and partner (we taught the partners: “Happy Days” and “Some Town Somewhere”), this fills a couple of hours for the early arrivals before you can check into your room. Then dinner and a quick change for the evening’s entertainment. Tonight was the fabulous Tony Crooks and Steve Jay, both brilliant performers in their own right but then they re-united again as 'Plain Loco'.

Then comes Saturday morning and a couple of hours of teaching (we taught the partners: “Finest Around” and “Hazzard”), alternating between Partners and Line dances, with many joining in which is always good for a laugh. Then lunch, there is no shortage of food on this weekend. At 2pm the afternoon session kicked off with one of my favourites "Roots & Wings" who kept us dancing all afternoon. More food and a freshen up for dinner and the evening entertainment brought us two acts "Billy Curtis" and our good friends Ray and Steve who are "Stonecold Country". Immensely talented and both acts kept the floor buzzing.

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Party Time

Sunday morning and a bleary eyed re-cap of all 4 partner dances we had taught and the same for the line dancers. Followed by what is always one of my favourite sessions Ky and his daughter (Shayna) came on for the afternoon and were joined by the wonderful Angie for a song, much to the delight of the audience. The festival was finished off Sunday evening with the ever popular "Steve Lovett" and "Kickin' Country" who gave us an amazing evening.

Our first time working with Roger Shepherd (Absolute Country) who was teaching the line dances. Our personal thanks to him for making it so relaxed for the teaching sessions where we worked together to ensure the dancers had the great time they came for.

There is always a charity raffle and this time was no exception with a raffle in aid of NSPCC raised £255.40.

So we are already looking forward to the Turkey & Tinsel Weekend 10th & 12th November which is always on of the busiest of the year and a great party. Get in early to ensure you get in!

Great dancing, great country music and wonderful people, see you in November.

Julie & Brian JB