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Friday The Burstin Hotel in Folkstone for another Cheyenne-Promotions Weekend

Since Angie & Ky took the reins of a Country Music festival in 2014 One that had run for 34years with Ann Hinder who was well respected and much loved. Many wondered if the festival of country would continue. Well 3/4 years down the line yep! it continues and in fact grows. Angie & Ky have kept their promise to Anne who was renowned in as much as if it wasn't country then don't sing it, in fact get of stage. Angie & Ky fully honour the genre of Country Music and have faithfully kept their promise.

I checked in at around 12.30 p.m. and was astounded to see full floor. Brian & Julie where in the process of teaching a partner dance, [of the clock] not even having got the keys to their room, now there is loyalty for you. Me I sat down after my 3 1/2 hr drive and just enjoyed the music.

Friday night Shayna & Ky kicked of our evening. Shayna is daughter of Angie & Ky. she is a canny lass, who has country music coursing through her veins. Her petite frame seemed all to small on a large stage until she starts to sing, opening with Glen Campbell's "Gentle on my Mind" her voice has a sort of attached whisper to the round tones making a great sound to listen to. Ky took up the reins next to sing a Hal Ketchum number, "Past The Point Of Rescue". Shania had come to the rescue of Mum, Angie. Angie was suffering the lurg!!. between Ky & daughter Shayna they put together a great set, Shayna's "Girl Crush" is special. Alan Gregory [winner of several awards] He's one of those entertainers who not only do you love to listen to, you know that you're in for a good evening. you know that he will sing and play the music that will make you dance. His happy infectious manner is loved by many and will fill the floor before he has opens his mouth, Frank Spencer has very little to do with the fact that when this man retires will be so missed, there will be some sad fans out there. from "Here Comes My Baby" a Mavericks 1995 number. Alan gave us two sets of full on great country songs, the floor fit to burst at one time I counted 11 lines each with at least 15 folk in now that's a full floor. his set list is excruciating for those who love to dance, by the time he finished they where foot sore!!!. One song out of both sets stood out for me as my favourite that being his beautiful version of Alan Jackson's "Remember When" Peter Shaw, also entertained us with two sets this evening Which we have to consider a bonus as he celebrates his birthday this weekend. Opening with a bouncy "I just want my baby back" Alan & Peter had checked their play lists to make sure that there were no duplicates and this worked brilliantly. not one repeat, all evening. super! so from "This is me missing You" "After midnight", Alan & Pete graced the stage with A mahousive "King of the Road". so that the sore feet and tired eyes could wind their way up the stairs until the morrow.

r Some folk go all out to dress up in theme's of their choice. early on during the day. Once the lessons are over its time to get down and boot scoot with the very best. About this time during the course of the weekend we would normally have placing up on the board printed information with regards to the line up and timing. Plus of course information for future festivals. I need to inform all the reason for this. Ky & Angie had ordered from the print section of UK Country Music Magazine. who offer a full range of printed products. let us down horribly no printed leaflets arrived for us we had to make notes of who was down to entertain us and pin that on a notice board, this reliable source for printed information, have let down Ky & Angie. big time there leading excuse being that they had gone digital. Mighty fine going digital but the UK Country Music Magazine Printing section know just how important it is for folk to pick up information about who will entertain you over the weekend and also inform you about future festivals. No excuse can be for me, good enough. there were so many people disappointed, harrumph!. rant over! However after seeing the likes of fancy dressed Seamen and woman dressed to the nines looking great, and as for two ladies blinking and flashing like Xmas Trees twirling around the floor what a delight they were very lit up dancers,.

Peter Shaw spent a hopefully happy birthday with us, He gave us stomping opener that filled the floor as he hit the fist bar. "Billy 'B' Bad, he sang the likes of "Talk about Life, and of course Tracy Byrd's "Heaven in My Woman's Eyes" Full floor once again for "Loving All Night". also this afternoon Ky Rivers, solo unfortunately due to Angie being hit by a horrid sore throat. however, Ky, is a strong solo artist who keeps it full on country, I was amiss I'm afraid as I succumbed to a very sore back after walking that horrid hill near the hotel. Lesson learnt won't happen again, Saturday Evening Boxcar Kelly & The Railroaders Kelly is the singer of the band with Andy Green on Lead guitar, Adam Glear on Pedal steel ,Chris Robbins on Bass, Michael Cobbett on Rhythm Guitar and Tony Spence on Drums . Opening with A Daryle Singletary number "Love's Gonn'a Live Here Again." Kelly & The Railroaders mixed it up for us by singing songs that are not played that often. 'great', makes those of us used to the normal have to use our grey cells. "Your Cheating' Heart" a blast from the past '1952 to be precise. funny how a great song can just keep floating up to the surface again and again, rereleased by loads of great singers Kelly and the band. gave two grand amazing sets. also

Sunday. 13th. Remembrance Day. yet again lessons taught by the wonderful Honky Tonk & Brian & Julie their patience knows no bounds. I know with full confidence that loads of you will have left this weekend knowing some great dances that you can take back to your clubs. We were entertained by a brilliant Paul Taylor entertaining us. He has a way of making the likes of "Honky Tonk Life" his own, he seems to add his own twist to songs. Trace Adkins "Marry for Money" and Pure Prairie "Two Lane Highway" a very great "Corn Don't Grow". This evening we had some great songs a pleasure to be heard, danced to and listened. We had our raffle raising over
£448.05 pounds to be sent to Great Ormond street charity after yet another long day. bed beckoned.

We have been so spoilt this year by our entertainers pulling great songs out of the bag. This being good for us as it makes one think Stu Edwards - Johnny Cash Tribute. and boy did he rock the house. If you haven't seen him check him out on U tube. Opening with a substantial "Ring Of Fire" followed swiftly by "Big River "so from the appropriate "Cocaine Blues" to "Daddy Sang Base" the songs where coming at us thick and fast some lesser know ones which was so good Chloe joined Stu stepping into June Carter mode to sing "Juke Box Blues" & "Jackson" at this time in the course of events outright thanks and applause from one and all has to go to HonkyTonk for the way he reads the floor always ending an artist's set by playing their last tune as they leave us. Nice touch.

Up tonight to entertain us are the superb Rancher. pulling out two great sets for us."I do my Dreaming With My Eyes Wide open" setting the pace of their set with Tim McGraw's "Everywhere" "Driving With My Breaks On" and a great "American Kids" a newbie from Kenny Chesney. Rancher wowed us by playing some really great songs that where a little different. I loved their "Building Bridges" Stu Edwards & Gon Country a five piece band based in Surrey. Opening with "Gon Country" " Drinking Bone" the songs flowed thick and fast John Denver's "Country Roads" I looked up at one point to see the floor absolutely full people where dancing on spare carpet space between the tables and up the aisles.

Over this great weekender J.B Western i.e. Brian & Julie along with Honky Tonk Cliff taught some brilliant dances. Partner Dances Taught This weekend where Last Living Cowboys - Julie & Brian [JB]. Louisiana Blues - Carol & George Stayte. Cowboy Turnaround - Linda de Ford. & Love Trip - Kalvin & Pat Finch MIB Dance our Cliff Taught I Don't Care Got My Beer, & Walk away Waltz. by Cliff . Water Of A Ducks Back, by Hazel Pace. & Meteorite by Tina Argyle & Rob Fowler. Lessons Take Place Saturday & Sunday before the afternoon's entertainment.

Now that's what I call a happy hall. trouble is it had to end. Ending with a promise to be back in February. So book now. have a great Xmas & New Year with a promise of newly found printers that will not let us down