What a fabulous weekend with Cheyenne.Countryartistes at the Burstin in Folkestone.

Friends old and new and one of the very best Country music festivals around with line and partner having great time on the same dance floor. Shows just how successful it can be!

We love working with the awesome Honky Tonk Cliff who DJ's and looks after the line dancers while we (JB) teach the partners!

Then we all dance (play) on the same dance floor to some of the best artists around.

Country music at it's very best from Friday: Paul Bailey (yep, country!) & Souls 'n' Stone, Saturday: Kicking Country, Steve Hanks and Calico (fabulous Country set), Sunday Donna Wylde, Henry Smith and Alan Gregory.

Great music and a bonus of some great comedy. The icing on this weekends cake was for me was the jam session on Sunday night, this is one stage guys! Alan Gregory, Henry Smith and his full band, Angie and Ky of Cheyenne it brought the house down!

Partner dances taught this weekend were: 'Dreaming with our eyes open' (by JB), 'The Shadow (AKA Shadow Noel)' (by Nancy A Martin), A Slow Dance (by Eric Johnson), Bandera (by DJ Dan and Winnie) a nice waltz.

A very respectful 1 minutes silence was held on Sunday for the tragic events in Paris last Friday made especially poignant buy four friends from France who were attending the festival (2 for the second time brought some friends this time). They appreciated gesture so much.

Details will appear on our web site soon of next years Cheyenne Promotions festivals (February, June and November make sure you book early to have fun with us in 2016 but if you can't wait visit Angie and Ky's web site at:www.cheyenne-promotions.com (sorry this is so long but I couldn't leave anything out, it really was that good!

Brian Minns