P1050967I got to the hall early and decked the hall out with Flags, Tee Shirts and Wolf Throws along with the Tables all set up with Clothes, Table Flags and Candle Lights, and our Artist for the night was also set up and ready to go.
The hall was filling up as for the first time tonight I brought on stage RAY PETERS and we all hear from him “Billy B Bad” who brought along a “Good Hearted Woman” also along came “I Walk The Line Revisited” along with the old Hank Williams number “Your Cheating Heart”. During the break I read out the WHATS on LISTS of all the Local Clubs. Time then for me to bring back RAY PETERS and “Overnight Man” and the up tempo version of “Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down” also “Speak To The Sky”. RAY then moved onto “Silver Wings” then a couple of George Stright numbers first was “Look At Us” onto “Codigo”. We all heard from RAY “The Fireman” along with a “One Woman Man” and “Mr Man In The Moon” on with two from Don Williams numbers “Your My Best Friend” along with “First Fool In Line” and RAY went back in time as he closed the spot with “I Love You Because”.
P1050976During the break “THE GANG” helped me do the RAFFLE DRAW this done time for a natter to some of the people in the hall, after which time for the final time tonight To introduce to all RAY PETERS who kicked off with “Loves Gonna Life Here Again” then it was way back in time for “Please Help Me I’m Falling” along with “Before The Next Teardrop Falls”, RAY kept things on the right track with “Veil Of Tears” onto “Liza Jane” who brought along the “Galway Girl” then RAY again went back in time with “Faded Love” along with “Waltz Across Texas” and closed the show with “I Just Wanna Dance With You”, it was very clear that I would have to ask Ray for one for the road and this was the up tempo “Should Have Ask Her Faster”.

Tonight RAY put on a Great night of Live Country Music with something for all who supported the Club he has a Great Country voice and is a true Country Gent.
Again from “THE GANG” a big THANK YOU for your support for the LONE WOLF C.M.C.

Phil Wood