ZenneI got to the hall early to set the Club up with Flags, Tee Shirts and Wolf throws as well as the Tables all set up so we were ready to go, as the clock ticked round to 7.15 it was time for me to introduce to all ZENNE and away she went with “Same Thing Happened To Me” and “Feeling Kinda Lonely Tonight” and the oldie “Today I Started Loving You Again” which got the show off to a great start ZENNE kept things moving in her own way with “Love Me Just A Little Bit Longer” then we all met up with some “Old Flames” onto “Take These Chains” and a bit of Willie with “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” and the spot closed with “Somebody Just Like You”.
Time for me to do the “WHAT’S on LIST”. Time then to bring back ZENNE and it was “Imagine That” along with “She Still Thinks I Still Care” along with “Begging To You” then ZENNE did one for “BIRTHDAY GIRL” RITA and went onto “Straight To Hell” then moved on with “Feeling Lucky” and it was the Gary Perkins number “Thank You” that closed the spot.
ZenneTime then for the GANG” to do the RAFFLE DRAW after a short break it was time to bring back ZENNE for the final time tonight and off we all went through the “Swinging Doors” to find the “Trail Of Tears” where we met the “Truck Driving Man” who brought along a “Good Hearted Woman” ZENNE also did “Silver Wings” and closed the Show with “On The Other Side Of The Hill” it was clear to see that I would have to ask for one more and this was “The Breeze” if you add to these “Love Never Broke Anyone’s Heart” and the Hank Locklin number “Please Help Me I’m Falling”.

Tonight all at the Club were treated to a show of LIVE COUNTRY MUSIC put on by ZENNE in her own way, she has a very powerful voice and everything is done how she wants to do it just COUNTRY, thanks from the “GANG” to ZENNA for a Brilliant night, and to all who supported the Club and then dug deep in their pockets when asked for any loose change to go into the Fund for MICHAEL and KELLY ( Roots and Wings) after MICHAEL was involved in a car crash and Broke his Back, the LONE WOLF C.M.C. will donate £50 to the Fund and what was collected on the night was £100 so in total we have £150 which will end up at around £200, to MICHAEL and KELLY stay strong there are a lot of COUNTRY FOLK out there who will be there if you need them.

Phil Wood