P1150851I arrived at the Club early and so did our Artist for the night, but it was nearly 5-00 before we could get inside as there was a Party going on. I got straight onto the doing the stage Backdrop this done our Artist started setting up, while I went round and put up the Flags and Wolf Tee Shirts on the walls then set up the tables with Table Clothes, Table Flags and Candle Lights, this done time for a Coffee and sit down.

Start time rolled round so for the first time tonight I introduced to all in the hall STEVE HANKS who throughout the evening did a very good mix of numbers like “Face Of A Fool” along with “Old Flames” and the Jim Reeves number “Welcome T To My World” and up to date with “Down On Your Uppers” the Derek Ryan number, and closed the spot with “Blue Rose Is”.
Time to do the “What’s on List” this done still a bit of time left to natter to some of the people in the hall then back to being Compare to bring back for the second time STEVE HANKS and again he mixed yhe numbers up very well as all in the hall heard “Don’t Close Your Eyes” then upped the tempo with “Billy B Bad” along with “Things I Carry Around”.
P1150854The “GANG” then helped me do the RAFFLE DRAW then some more chatting ten it was time to bring back on stage for the final time tonight STEVE HANKS and he did “That’s Alright” then we were all off on a “Little Love Trip” then we all watched as “This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away” all to soon that time had come round, but by the shouts for more that rang round the hall it was clear I would have to ask for one for the road and this was “Tougher Than The Rest”, there was a couple of numbers that stood out for me first up was “Seminole Wind” and “Seven Spanish Angels” which were brilliant.

From the “GANG” our thanks to STEVE for a night of LIVE COUNTRY MUSIC and to all who turned up thank you for your support for the “YOUR CLUB”.

Phil Wood