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With the hall nearly decorated out wit Flags, Wolf Throws and Tee Shirts and the Tables with Clothes, Candle Lights and Table Flags and a dish of Cheese Nibbles and our Artists for the night set up and ready to go. The hall was filling up as I brought on stage for the first time tonight LOTTIE and ALLEN who are LA COUNTRY and they brought along “Mr Man In The Moon” and he gave some “Blue Rose Is” to the “Good Hearted Woman” who said “Excuse Me I Think I’ve Got A Heartache” as she sat under the “Neon Moon”. LOTTIE and ALLEN moved onto “My Next Broken Heart” along with “ Feeling Lonely Tonight” and “Every Little Thing” and they closed the spot with “Don’t You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me” and went way back in time with “Your Cheating Heart”. Time then for me to do the “What’s on List” and then have a natter to some of the people in the hall.

Time then to introduce and bring back on stage LA COUNTRY who said I Just Wanna Dance With You” because “You Look So Good In Love” after which along came some “Honky Tonk Angels”. LOTTIE and ALLEN next did “Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You” onto “Look At Us” we all heard LOTTIE do a Brilliant version of the Patsy Cline number “Crazy”. Time then for “THE GANG” to do the Raffle Draw this done and dusted, a bit of time for more nattering to some more people.

Then all to soon it was time for me to bring back for the final time tonight LA COUNTRY and away they went with “Billy B Bad” onto “Seven Nights To Rock” then there was a bit of “Codigo” before we all met up with the “First Fool In Line” who watched as “This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away”. LOTTIE and ALLEN then walked through some “Swinging Doors” before saying “Thanks A Lot” then we were told that there was “A Bad Moon Rising” and we were all told to “Write This Down” before going off to find a “Lone Star State Of Mind” and all to soon it was time for the final number of the show which was “Country Roads” with all in the hall joining in, it was clear by the shouts for more that I would have to ask for one for the road and they did close the show with “Always On My Mind”. From “THE GANG” thanks to all who came and supported the Club and stayed until the end and to LOTTIE and ALLEN thank you for a Brilliant night of LIVE COUNTRY MUSIC and also a lot of Fun generated throughout the evening.

Phil Wood