Tonight was one of those nights that people who run Clubs fear, Hall set up with Wolf throws and Flags, Tables all set up, people coming through the Doors and no Artist, PAM one of "THE GANG" came in at 6-40 to say had a Phone call Artist stuck in traffic due to a smash on the Motorway.
The show starts at 7-15 still no Artist then at 7-40 we have an Artist so all hands to the pumps to get all the gear in an set up a quick change of clothes and at 7-50 ( just a little late ) time for me to bring on stage TRAVIS LOGAN who started with "Before I'm Over You" then went back in time for "Somewhere Between" next "White Line Fever" then the Don Williams hit "Your My Best Friend" along with one from Don Gibson "Oh Lonesome Me" and TRAVIS moved onto "She Thinks I Still Care". The next number Travis did was "Cottonfields Back Home" along with "Heartaches By The Numbers" and we all heard "Waltz Across Texas" along with "Banks Of The Ohio" and "Four In The Morning" also "Ghost Riders".

Time then for a break and this time a lot to get through so it was onto the "WHATS on LIST" this done CHRIS and SUE from the "GANG" help me do the RAFFLE DRAW, this done just a bit of time to have a natter to some of the people in the hall, after which on goes the Compare Hat as it is time for me for the final time tonight to bring back TRAVIS and off he went with "Guitars, Cadillacs" on the "Streets Of Bakersfield" along then came the Hank Locklin number "Please Help Me I'm Falling" on with "Take These Chains" then along came the Jim Reeves number "I Love You Because" and closed the show with "Fields Of Athenry" it was very clear by the shouts for more that rang round the hall I would have to ask for one for the road and this turned out to be "I Just Wanna Dance With You". Tonight there were a couple of numbers that for me stood out first there was "Blackboard Of My Heart" an instrumental called "Galloping Horses" which was one PAM TRIGGS who passed away before Christmas loved, talking of PAM it was good to see her son GARRY in the hall tonight.
To all who turned up tonight, from "THE GANG" thank you for being so understanding waiting for TRAVIS to turn up, and putting on a Great night of LIVE COUNTRY MUSIC, and also thank you for supporting the LONE WOLF C.M.C.

Phil Wood