Souls 'n' Stone
Souls 'n' Stone

October 14. A few days ago club host Mary discovered that our scheduled act could not appear. It seemed she might struggle to get a replacement of similar calibre but with assistance from Sylvan Entertainments, and a bit of luck for us, Mary was able to obtain Souls ‘n’ Stone (Jaynie & Greg) who were available due to a cancellation.

With both Jaynie and Greg sharing the vocals, they performed three lively sets which, as happens when you are having fun, seemed to be over far too quickly. Jaynie’s bubbly personality added to the enjoyment. She often mentioned suitable dances, something that pleases some but can irritate me - with Jaynie though it was okay, just quick suggestions rather than instructions.
Souls n’Stone weren’t the only ones standing in and Danny did a good job in Dave’s absence sorting out the music before the start and during the breaks. His request board is well used now and he managed to play all the line dance requests except one before running out of time. Near the end Greg sang one of my current favourites, Aaron Goodwin’s Lonely Drum, while Jaynie joined the dancers on the floor. This was soon followed by a rousing and well applauded finale, a medley from the musical Calamity Jaynie Jane.

During the evening Mary thanked all who had generously supported Susan Brown's sky dive which, together with donations from some neighbours, raised £408 to help Max, her grandson. Earlier in the year Max was catastrophically injured in a road accident and for most of the time has been cared for by the Children’s Trust at the UK’s largest residential brain injury unit for children and young people in Tadworth, Surrey.