Tuesday the 7th November , we had roots & wings at the club tonight ,

it was nice to see a duo on stage ,who were really enjoying what they do ,and giving the people in the hall a great evening of music ,that was for every body ,ie dancers and listeners , this is a duo that all clubs should look to booking ,

but sorry to say our last club night will be the 5th December with ray peters ,hope to see you all there , lets make it a great night , thanks to all of you that came to the club for the last year ,

ann & malcolm

we would like to thank Chris kenward for standing in at the last moment ,as there was a mix up with dates ,for original duo ,

he kept the dancers on the floor busy ,he was trying every numbers he knew to give us a great night, and thanks to all of you that came along on the night,

the next two club night are as follows , ROOTS & WINGS on November 7th /the last night of the club 5th December with RAY PETERS SOLO ACT , hope to see you at the last two club nights .

Ann &Malcolm

to let every body know that the club will be running till the end of the year ,the acts we have booked will appear 0n the nights advertised on our flyer ,after the date in December the club will close ,we have not booked any artist for the new year 2018 , please come and support the last three acts of the year ,

for September we had black steel and they gave us a great night keeping the dance floor busy , nice to see baz & Jules back with us doing the interval music , many thanks to all of you that came along on the night

Ann & Malcolm

Tuesday 1st august we had Cheryl and bob as country mile duo ,for our club night ,they gave us three sets of good country music .they kept the dance floor busy catering for all dancers ,

my self and Ann with the help of Maureen , have tried to keep the club running ,but we are reviewing the running of the club ,if we are down on numbers again next month when we have ( black steel duo ) we will have no option but to close the club ,unless some else with the finances can take it over ,as we cannot afford to subsidise the club as we have not got the finances ,

as we have said before you need to support you clubs ,or they will gone .

Tuesday 4th July        bonnie diamond & co were the duo for the evening arrived early and set up with plenty of time to spare ,
there music is more traditional ,for line and couple dancers ,with a few of the newer numbers to up the tempo ,
bonnie and David  work hard to put on a good evening for every one of you ,
as we have said before you have to support you local clubs when they try to get different  acts into the clubs . you cannot always have the act you wont because you have not got the money coming in to pay them ,also it doesn't  help when agents put bands into clubs that are very close together  within  a few nights  , 
as we know there is only so much money in our pockets  to spend , 
we will be reviewing  over the next couple of months the attendance , to whether it is viable  to keep the club running 

the issue of the floor has been resolved , also we had no music during the break as jules has hurt his foot and had to go to a/e ,get well soon , 
next month we have  ( country  mile duo from Essex  )    

Ann / malcolm.    

report for the 6th June ,

after three weeks away got back Sunday ,then club on the Tuesday it was hard, but it was  all worth while  when you have (  rick & Ashley ) the storms on stage for three great sets of music ,

it was hard for the dancers there was a issue with the floor ,which we do hope to have resolved by next month dance ,

we had a good crowd in to help the night go well also makes for people to enjoy them selves.

i take the blame for not advertising July in Kent Country and Cross Country  ,we have Bonnie Diamond and Coe ,for the fourth of July  American independence day ,

the rest of the year will be in both sites ,hope to see you there then    

Ann &  Malcolm