18.4.2020 - Four weeks into our lockdown, and we still no nearer to knowing when we will have events to publish 😕 We can only be patient. 

Maggie and I have both received official letters telling us that we are classified as "extremely clinically vulnerable", and as such, we are NOT allowed to leave our property, even for food or doctors visits. No shopping. No outside exercise. We envy those who can at least go for a brief walk. 

We know that we have at least 8 more weeks to wait. In the end we look forward to getting out and seeing our friends at the clubs. In the meantime we ask you all to STAY HOME. STAY SAFE

We are aware that a large percentage of the club members fall into groups that are advised to 'self-isolate' and as such this would reduce the club attendances. This will mean that many clubs, who are already on tight financial margins will need to assess the viability of continuing with the events.

We can only recommend that the organisers are contacted before travelling to the clubs. Any cancelled events we are told about may be found here.

Organisers are asked to let us know as/when decisions are made to cancel events so that we can help spread the word. Our contact details are here.