Copied below is a message we have received from Country Sounds

To Mick & Maggie,
Just to let you know that Country Sounds C.M.C has now closed there doors on the 27th August 2016 due to ill health on both of the club runners. We would like to thank you for all the hard work that you both do free of charge and in your own time in promoting all country clubs, We think you both do a wonderful job and appreciate all the work you have done for us and all the other clubs around.

We would also like to thank our loving DJ Malcom and the following helpers: James, Samuel, Joe and john for all there help through the last 6 years
And would like to thank all the loyal supporters we had constantly from the day that we open the club.

Once again thank you for all you guys do keep up the good work as I will enjoy reading other peoples up dates etc..
All the very best to you both.
Pete & Wend (Country Sounds C.M.C)