Our second show of the year we had on stage BEN THOMPSON who was here in good time set up and ready to go so at start time I introduced to all in the hall BEN THOMPSON who said “I Never Go Around Mirror’s” onto “This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away” then along came “Don’t Rock The Jukebox”. We all then went off to see the “Blue Moon Of Kentucky” along with the “Borrowed Angel” and the “Coca Cola Cowboy”. BEN moved things on with “Falson Prison Blues” along with “Mr Man In The Moon” and “More Of You” and closed the spot “Paper Rosie” the Gene Watson number.

Break time and a quick run round the Local Clubs then time to bring back on stage BEN THOMPSON and another Gene Watson number “Got No Reason Now To Go Home” along with “Lucky Star” got things on the right track then we were all “Past The Point Of Rescue” and the “Seven Spanish Angels” were on the “Sea Of Heartbreak” along came “Your Cheating Heart”. We all also heard “Ring Of Fire” “Storms Of Life” and “Seminole Wind” and “Where The Corn Don’t Grow” was the number to close the spot.

The Raffle was drawn in the break and any News up dates we know about then time for me to bring back on stage BEN THOMPSON who kicked off with “Tougher Than The Rest” next was “Blue Wing” then we were told “Don’t Close Your Eyes” onto “The Dance”. BEN moved on with “There Goes My Heart” and took us all down so me “Country Roads” to meet up with the “Farmers Daughter” then he did an Instrument which was “Duelling Banjos”, we also heard “Be My Baby Tonight” “Another Good Reason Not To Drink” and a bit of a comedy number “Hairy Mary” brought the show to a close, but again tonight I had to ask for one more and this was “If love Was A River” a Brilliant night of Live Country Music put on by BEN THOMPSON and that is all he does Pure Country, thanks BEN and again to all who came and supported the LONE WOLF C.M.C.

Phil Wood

Update (14/4/21) : The first event planned for 2021 is in July and is due to feature Texas Gun


Original Message (20/8/20)

I have recieved a message from Mary Bryer of The Best of British Country Music club, and attached is a message from the hall hirers.

I have reproduced this message below for those interested, but it would seem that the conditions for hiring the hall make it imposssible to resume at this time with the restrictions on numbers making it unecoonomic even with a price increase. The compulsary use of face masks and the social distancing measures required would completely destroy the usual friendly atmosphere we are used to.

We do know of some events that are taking place, but these are usually in pub gardens and admission is usually by advanced booking only, so we do not advertise these as we don't want to encourage overcrowding and breaches of the social distancing rules.


Please see below the email I am sending to all hirers today. Thought I would send this to you as well so
that you have the latest information.

We hope that you have been keeping safe and well during this time.
Over this time we have been compiling all of the information that we have received and ensuring
that everything is in place for hirers to safely return.
Please find attached the Special Conditions of Hire during the Covid-19 outbreak, Parish Council's
COVID-19 Risk Assessment for your perusal, and the Secure Guidelines Poster which will be
displayed in the hall. Please can the Special Conditions be signed and returned before your start
date back.
It is expected that anyone using the hall during this time carries out their own Covid-19 Risk
Assessment based on their usage and needs of the hall. I have attached a sample from ACRE that
you can base one on.
The capacity numbers are less than normal so this needs to be considered and as to whether you
can safely socially distance during your booking. As the needs of each individual hirer are different
the capacity numbers may be too many to be able to socially distance and this will have to be
taken in to account. So although East Malling and Larkfield Village Hall capacity has been limited to
60 with the 2 metre social distancing, depending on your use you may not fit 60 people in the hall.
We are following the guidelines issued to us for opening the halls. Each individual group/hirer will
have to ensure that the guidelines issued for their specific activity allows for a safe return and
would be advisable to have an action plan in place. We currently have noted that you are unsure
when you will return, hopefully the guidelines are now clearer for your purpose and you can start
looking to come back to the hall or at least this information may help in figuring this out.
Please note that it is now a requirement for face coverings to be worn in the hall for anyone over
11 years old unless you are exempt. These can be removed for exercising but must be worn at all
other times.
This is a difficult situation for everyone trying to adhere to it all but we are trying to ensure a safe
as possible return. Once you have considered it all and feel you can return safely please confirm
the date that you would like to start back.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
Take Care and Stay Safe
East Malling & Larkfield Parish Council



Dear All.

We will be opening on Saturday 4th July from 12 Noon, and our revised opening hours are as follows:

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday to Friday 5pm to 11pm
Saturday 12 noon to 11pm (closing between 4 and 6pm
for cleaning)
Sunday 12 noon to 8pm.

Children MUST be fully supervised at all times.

There will be a one-way system around the pub and all customers must enter via the Garden entrance and exit either through the Bar, or the re-located Restaurant.

Please follow signs and arrows and keep 2m apart as much as possible. Wherever this is not possible, then mitigating factors must be considered, i.e. face coverings and limiting the amount of time that you are closer than 2m.

Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the building, and at all entrances and these should be used responsibly.

There is a limit to the number of people we can have in the pub at any one time, with a maximum of 6 per table, and from only two households, and this applies to both indoors and in the garden.


Toilets may only be used by one person at a time, so please wait until they are empty before entering.

We do have to keep a register of all customers name and contact details, and we are currently waiting for guidelines regarding Data Protection.

There will no doubt be further issues that will come to light once we re-open, but I am sure we will all work together to overcome them.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Contact information

Dancing Dog Saloon
01795 475474

It has been noticed that the non-cancellation of events on our What's On is being mis-interpreted.

It is apparent that with pubs and clubs not allowed to open, and social distancing likely to be in place for several months yet, there will be no events in the near future.

We know that all the organisers are anxious to resume as soon as possible, but this does NOT seem likely any time soon.

We have therefore decided to remove all the events from our calendar. As soon as we hear of any resumption, we will be only too happy to re-install them.

Message from the Best of British
It has come to our notice that a rumour is going round that The Best of British CMC is not reopening.  This rumour is completely untrue and we will open the doors to our/your club when it is absolutely safe to do so.  In the meantime I would ask those concerned to please refrain from spreading this rumour.
Please everybody keep well, keep safe and Keep It Country."

We are told by Shaun Egan that he is closing the Dancing Dog whilst this current pandemic lasts.

Therefore,all scheduled events have been cancelled until further notice.