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Angie & Ky - Cheyenne

On arrival at the Grand Burstin Hotel in Folkstone. Collected a key to a great room on the 10th floor, I looked forward to preparing for a super weekend with Cheyenne. They are becoming old hands, with each festival enjoyed by all. So much so, that on arrival I walked into the main hall to see the floor already full with dancers, dancing whilst they waited to check in. [Talk about eager!] lol

Friday night Richard Palmer & Saloon Drifters with HonkyTonk Cliff our Emcee, DJ & Line dance Tutor for the weekend festivities. For starters Cheyenne opened the evening with a great Ashley Monroe number "You Ain't Dolly" running directly into "Past The Point of Rescue" Angie does full justice to "Girl Crush" they closed with a super "I see me" HonkyTonk played a few requests before introducing . The Saloon Drifters John & Neil. John is a tall man with a distinctive voice. Whilst Neil plays a mean guitar. his musicianship cannot be faulted. they sang songs the likes of "Fulsome Prison Blues""Seminole Wind" giving us great standards that where very danceable keeping a full floor. Crystal Boots award winning Richard Palmer also lined up for us, this evening "You Belong to me" and "Corn Don't Grow" Richards set enjoyed a full floor he needed to save himself also for a Saturday afternoon matinee here. The Saloon Drifters returned to give us some more super standards before the evenings close. I had escaped by now to send up a few zzz'zs .

Richard Palmer
Richard Palmer

Saturday afternoon. Richard Palmer & Angie. along with a surprise in the guise of Shayna Angie & Ky's daughter, who gave a great performance for the afternoon folk. which i am told on good authority bought some really loud applause at the end of her set. She is obviously a chip of both blocks i.e. Angie & Ky. entertained the afternoon revellers after the mornings line dance Tuition from HonkyTonk & JB Western Partner Dance Julie & Brian they teach great Country music partner dances. We shall the dances later.

Saturday Night. Kay 'D' & Gambler A wonderful first time surprise for me. Kay'D' what a voice. Kay is not a tall lass but she has a voice that hits the right spots. she sang James House's 'This is Me missing You' one of the best renditions of this song I've heard. her set was bright and busy. from being "Messed up in Memphis", Brandy Clarke's "What'll Keep Me Out Of Heaven", & Julie Robert's " Unlove Me" this is a lass that kept it country all through her set and so deserves to be out there and heard so much more. partnering Kay 'D' Gambler they opened with a fast and furious "High class lady" Toby Keith's "Last Living cowboy" Bruce Springsteens "Tougher than the Rest "they kept it very traditional which was nice. Kay 'D' returned to give us a further stonking set loaded with show stoppers. Leann Rimes "Commitment" was stunning. Gambler came back for a trio of oldies the likes of "Dont Rock The Juke Box & Tougher Than The Rest + a superb "Apache". Closing , Kay 'D' & Cheyenne back to closed down the evening, singing "Loving all Night , Angie sang "Every Little Thing" with Kay 'D' they slammed it wonderful their harmonies where spot on closing with a very good "Galway Girl" Sung by Ky. During the evening we held a raffle which raised £283.90pence for Great Ormond Street Hospital. so to all who purchased tickets thank you so much.

Sunday afternoon, Kay 'D' & Daniel Berry entertained the afternoon dancers

Alan Gregory
Alan Gregory

Sunday Night. Closing time nears, 'harrumph' Its been so full on I didn't want this to come. Entertaining us this night. Alan Gregory & Daniel Berry. Daniel opened with a medley singing From a "Jack to a King"-"Take These Chains-Singing the Blues" there were just a few Line dancers gasping at the closure of this one. He has a great set list singing songs the likes of "Driven" Places" "Fast as You" & Seven Nights to Rock, Daniel likes his rocky songs and it shows but I must admit to enjoying his version of "Neon Moon". Alan Gregory with that very impish grin joined Daniel to sing a Scooter Lee's "Jai Du Boogie". after the link so well done by our HonkyTonk Cliff where he played some super requests. Alan Gregory opened his set with "The Real Deal" Alan does a brilliant "High Class Lady" a Lennerockers number .Kenny Chesney's "American Kids" a great addition to the dance floor During the time various artists where entertaining us HonkyTonk appeared in various costumes that caused a bit of a stir. Ky & Angie Cheyenne came on stage for to short a time sang "Corn Don't Grow, a Dixie Chicks "Long Time Gone + Eric Clapton's They Call me The Breeze Angie sang a number that makes the hairs on your arm stand up, an acoustic "I Hope Your The End Of My Story" after a few more super numbers Alan Returned to give us a further songs the likes of "Rolling With The Flow, "Talk is Cheap" "Same Thing Happened to Me" "Eyes Wide open" Alan gave us a great losing side of me!. Cheyenne joined Alan on stage with an Everly medley, "Never felt Like This - Johnny is a Joker- Hey Bird Dog- By By Love" then a great "Honky Tonk Life" between Ky Angie & Alan "Just Wann'a Dance The Night Away" to bring the night to a close with a very sadly sung "Always Be The Best Of Friends"

I folded my flags putting them safe ready for the very next one in June

jacqui Peacock

(Photos of the Festival supplied by Maureen Lincoln and Linda Walker may be found here. )

Fools Gold
Fools Gold

A charity line dance was held at Smarden's Charter Hall, in aid of Pilgrim's Hospice on May 20th, organised by Sue Vidler, the fourteenth of such dances
over the past few years, raising in excess of £8,000 for the Hospice.
Popular Line Dance duo "Fools Gold" kept a floor of some 55 dancers from various clubs, on the move - with a raffle and CDs between sessions (in case
anyone would think of taking a breather).

The total on the night was £685, boosted by generous donations from 2 clubs - with Barclays Bank kindly doubling the amount for the Charity.

An enjoyable and lively evening with the best of results for the Pilgrims Hospice Charity.

A selection of photos may be found below.


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Cheyenne’s Grand Summer Party at the Burstin Hotel in Folkestone on 10th 11th and 12th June 2016

Kick off at 1pm and the first teaching sessions of the weekend begins even before people have checked in. JB Western Dance teaching partners and Honky Tonk Cliff looking after the line dancers. Delighted to see so many line dancers joining and having a go at the partner dances and vice versa; many partner dances were line dancers before we moved onto partner dancing. This time the hotel seems to have made some great changes. For one, the check in started at 2pm at the back of the hall allowing people much more time to check in over a longer period. This worked really well. The quality of the food has definitely improved and I was more than happy with everything I ate, good variety and hot plates. Our room was overlooking the harbour and was comfortable, clean and tidy; the location is definitely one of the many strengths of this festival.

Cheyenne have managed to keep these festivals country and maintain great support from loyal listeners, line and partner dancers, who all manage to co-exist on the same dance floor, in fact we have a great time when the floor is at its busiest interacting as we dance round. You meet some of the nicest people if you happen to add a variation!

The line-up of entertainment for the weekend was awesome:

Friday evening: Chris Mezza and The Storms
Saturday afternoon: Ky Rivers
Saturday evening: Zenne Kober and Fools Gold
Sunday afternoon: Hayden’s Duo and ‘New’ Cheyenne (Ky and his Daughter Shayna)
Sunday evening: Chris James and Hayden’s Duo and to finish the fabulous ‘Cheyenne Jam’

If you know these acts you will be more than aware that they are real professionals who know what’s required at a Country festival with a lot of experienced dancers. They do the playing and leave the dance choices to the dancers. Some real highlights for me were:

Chris Mezza and The Storms (Rick and Ashley) got the weekend of to such an upbeat start, the floor was buzzing from the beginning.

Zenna Kober
Zenna Kober

My first time seeing Zenne but certainly won’t be the last, wonderful voice and some different songs to those we often hear. Based in the North but will be touring down in the South from time to time, look out for this talented lady.

Fools Gold work down this way quite a bit and always keep the dance floor full in spite of being seriously distracted by Honky Tonk Cliff doing what he does!

New Cheyenne
New Cheyenne

New Cheyenne, for me this was an all too short a session from Ky Rivers with his daughter Shayna who has a wonderful voice and is learning from two of the best in the business (Angie and Ky). Look out for Shayna on the circuit she is a real talent.

Hayden’s Duo for me a first. I’ve seen Hayden before but not the duo, really good selection of tracks with some original material. Excellent for dancers and listeners.

Ky Rivers, well what can I say I’m a fan and Ky always delivers.

The dance floor was pretty much always full with both line and partner dancers doing what we do best, having a great time, together!

There are some very loyal people and groups that attend Cheyenne’s festivals and it never fails to be among the most enjoyable because of those people, listeners and dancers who come along. Many travel quite a distance but among the regulars are a couple from northern France, and this time I spoke to a lovely couple from North Stafford which is also quite some journey. They are combining the festival with a visit to Kent, the garden of England which is a great idea.

Putting on a Festival is a massive undertaking.

We’re already looking forward to November’s Turkey and Tinsel festival.


A selection of photos from this event may be found here.

Some of the photos taken at the Cheyenne Festival held at the Grand Burstin Hotel, Folkestone in June may be found in the Gallery.

June 2016 beginning of their third year. On arrival, already in the hall I noticed that there where many regulars, dancing to Honky Tonk Cliff playing Cd's that where so danceable. It had all eager to dance up and boot scooting ready to begin the June Festival. 1st night we welcomed Chris Mezza first live entertainer. Opening with a "Just To See You Smile" setting the scene for a great 3day event full of true country songs. Mark Wills "Places I've never been" & Zac Brown's "Knee Deep". The Storms also this evening. Rick & Ashley, sang "Honey Bee" & Brandy Clark's "Get High on A Country Song" such a variety of old and new songs. Chris & the Storms came together at the end of the evening giving us amongst others Keith Urbans "Love Somebody Like You.. Over the next two days Saturday & Sunday between 10.30 - 12p.m. Cliff Hall gives Line Dance Tuition & J.B. Western Julie & Brian, a great couple who dance with style and teach all abilities. Taught the following:- Lonely Girl, East Hill Twist, Traveller [p], Have A Ball, & Oh Suzanna. Cliff Taught. 'Hot Tamalas' jnr by Joe Tohampson. The Bottle, by Cliff, Gypsy Queen, by Hazel Pace, 'Back at Mamas' a Tina Argyle and Shelia & Andrew Palmer dance Saturday afternoon. we were blessed with our host Ky Rivers. Ky sang amongst others, Josh Turners "Lay Low" + Willy Nelson's wonderful "Silver Wings" he impressed the crowd so much he got two encores. This Saturday Evening newbie for us. Zenne a female artists with a fantastic deep husky voice. Singing a brilliant acoustic "Old Friends" Heather Miles "Love Me Just A Little Bit Longer" and a wonderful Brandy Clark's "What Will Keep Me Out Of Heaven" + Chely Wright's, "Shut Up And Drive". two great sets. This Lady is one to watch. Fool's Gold a Husband & Wife duo, who specialising in great harmonies. giving us two great sets. both in real form, A new one for me, "Big Blue Tree" a Michael English song, went down well. Josh Turners, I Wann'a Hear Raindrops. + Steve Holly's Good Morning Beautiful the songs they sung where so varied it was a pleasure to dance or listen. Closure this evening, Zenne & Fools Gold played us out with "Call Me The Breeze Our Raffle this evening for The Great Ormond Street Hospital raised £204.00. great night. roll on Sunday. Bleary eyed Sunday morning great breakfast great lessons. Shayna & Ky Rivers Angie & Ky's daughter Shayna is fairly new to the country scene, with a voice like hers, she will be a great addition to the country circuit. [new blood] With Ky alongside her she opened with "Heartaches by the Numbers" words sung as originally written [1959]. Listening to her sing Miranda Lamberts "Girl Like Me" made me sad that due to other commitments she only played us the one set, I would have liked to hear more. Hayden Duo also on this afternoon a absolute treat to see Hayden & Billy Levin. singing "One Night At A Time" they mixed it up for us, from "Impossible, Invisible a Hunter Hayes song "Loving All Night and a self penned "My Wife" [who was in the audience]. closing this afternoons session with Come out tonight, 'Oh Yes we will'. Sunday night the very last night of a great 3 day event. Chris James his sung version of "Corn Don't Grow" brilliant not heard often a great Don Williams "First Fool in Line" Chris also sang which I couldn't follow "happy birthday" to one of our crowd in Welsh lol. a James House's "Anything for Love" superb!. The Hayden Duo Hayden & Billy, sang Alan Jacksons "Designated Drinker" "Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Red Roses." brilliant. "Honky Tonk Life" the songs coming at us are so varied, Cheyenne Angie & Ky sang a stupendous "Stripes" as well as "Today I Started Loving You Again and a very upbeat "Little White Church" "Blame It On Your Heart". Chris James, almost bought the house down with his rendition of "I'm Already There" Hayden, Angie & Ky & Chris James closed us down this evening with a fantastic Jamming session. roll on November. Noted over the three days. Due to the fact that Cheyenne insist that only country music is sung. the songs are varied and super, however surprise, surprise, the dance floor was never empty. We have to wish our usual doorman Paul a hasty recovery as Alfie took over ad hoc. wishing you here.
Jacqui Peacock