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Partner Dancing
Partner Dancing with Julie & Brian

There are lots of good festivals around so what makes this festival GREAT? In my thinking it’s the people who go there. The organisers can provide an environment, invite a great Western stall, get some good instructors and book a great variety of Artists, but the real difference is in those people who attend. Cheyenne’s festival at The Grand Burstin Hotel is a long established Country music festival (one of three) that is currently going through a revival 'under new management' with Cheyenne Promotions, Angie and Ky, two of the most likeable people on the British Country music circuit.

Friday evening saw Richard Palmer keeping the floor full with his distinctive modern country voice, alternating with the Saloon Drifters and their brand of comedy and some terrific song choices, challenging the dancers to dig deep into the memory banks, but they rose to the challenge and not once was there an empty dance floor. 

Saturday afternoon and Richard was back, an afternoon set without repetition and even taking requests, shows what an impressive talent this young man is. On stage after Richard Palmer was Angie Rivers (the good looking half of Cheyenne) who filled the floor and the room with quality Country music. Then everyone in the room had a treat, we witnessed the first live performance on a Country music stage of Shayna, Angie and Ky’s Daughter, who in spite of a few nerves, gave us over 30 minutes of quality Country, and demonstrated she has inherited all the talents from both Mother and Father with a wonderful voice, and not at all bad on the guitar either. Some of the loudest applause, cheers, stomping brought Saturday afternoon to a close.

Kay D
Kay D

Saturday evening and again an evening of contrasts, Kay D who to be honest I haven’t seen for a few years has matured into a talented young lady. Clarity of vocals of country, new and old, gave us a great night. Our alternate act tonight was Gambler Duo. A long established act on the circuit and you get exactly what expect from the guys. Moving exhaustedly onto Sunday afternoon, Daniel Berry warmed us up for a final set from Kay D who said she had a bad cold but you would never have known it, quality in spades!

That leaves Sunday evening and two of the leading acts in the UK today on the stage at the same time. The awesome Daniel Berry and inimitable Alan Gregory, this was everything you could imagine. Great music and the dance floor was full and people didn’t move, they knew the next track was going to be danceable so there was no point.

JB Western Dance
JB Western Dance

This Festival is based in Folkestone overlooking the harbour. One of the joys for us is that it’s mixed, yes line and partner dancers with 3 days of classes held during the afternoon of Friday and the morning of Saturday and Sunday. So whatever your dance preference and ability, with live music in the afternoon and evenings you get as much dancing as you can cope with! As Partner dance teachers we love to see the line dancers joining in with the partner dancers and learning a partner dance or two, we always try to include an easy fun dance for all. One of the bands even felt the mixed floor worthy of comment, is it really that unusual these days? At Cheyenne’s festivals the line and partner work together, even when the floor is busy we interact and have a great laugh. Partner dance instruction is provided by ourselves (JB Western Dance) and the Line dancers are admirably catered for by the unique 'Honky Tonk Cliff' who is also the DJ, compare and at times the entertainment for the weekend. The hall is large, the dance floor is cosy but with attention to etiquette by all, we have great fun and you meet some of the nicest people! Many festival guests come along, as they have done for many years to listen to great country music and watch the dancing. Hotel guests are allowed in to listen and are provided with their own dance floor to allow them to have a dance. The main dance floor is strictly for festival guests only. So to answer my question from the beginning? What makes Cheyenne’s Festivals GREAT is those wonderful people who come along and support this ‘Country music’ festival, and I mean all, listener’s, line and partner dancers.

(Photos of the Festival supplied by Maureen Lincoln and Linda Walker may be found here. )

The Grand Burstin Hotel in Folkstone Feb 20-22nd 2015
Cheyenne Artists held the 1st of their triple parties to be held at The Berstead this year. For a country weekender that has run here for over a decade being fairly new at the helm must be daunting. They have a lot to live up to. Do they live up to it. Yes they are keeping true to their promise. Country Music being written into contracts for all performing artists.

My first intro into to the amazing weird world of Honky Tonk Cliff the new resident DJ was shall we say a small/eruption of amazement. This guy becomes a huge persona of a quite unassuming man who is quite frankly. Lovely. Mike in hand he changes into this huge voiced man who changes into so many different outfits that surprise, alarm, amuse and quite frankly make so many dissolve into laughter that they forget their steps. Honky Tonk likes to blend into the line dance. which is so much fun.

Anyhow that enough for the background about our new D.J. Friday Nights entertainment where Chris Harris & Muddy Boots. Chris Harris was first up, opening with a Mavericks "Scotia Samba" Ronnie Dunn's "Bleed Red" was a great addition to his wonderful double set list. Muddy Boots. award winning duo Richard Edlin on bass and harmonies and Chris Mezza on lead guitar and lead vocals. There vast set list makes it so easy to see them again and again. always ringing in the changes and keeping up to the moment. Opening with "My New Life" Mark Wills 1997 "You Take Me Places I've never been" was a song. The evening drew to a close with Honky Tonk playing out requests.

Line dance tuition began every morning at 10.30 a.m. Stu Edwards solo this Saturday afternoon. Leaving his band back in surrey. Gave us country tunes to thrill and entertain both dancers and listeners alike and even giving us a fantastic acoustic set accompanied by a friend who I'm ashamed to say I missed. Stu loves to be a little different with his country set and it shows from what I heard, All good. I can assure you.

Party Night this Saturday Steve Jay & Fools Gold. Steve Jay first up this evening. Sounding the best I have ever heard Mixed it up for us. Old & New. From "One Way Ticket" & "Land Of Opportunity" and James House "Anything for Love On Days Gone By" brilliant song . Fools Gold Debbie & Paul are a great duo singing the likes of "Cool me the Breeze" to "One Shot" they give a wonderful mixture of fast & slow songs that make it superb for both dancers & listeners Honky Tonk Cliff teaching's this weekender are. Last Living Cowboy. Just Lay Low, Still in Dallas-,[ his own] Till its gone & South Australia.

Great surprise was Kye Rivers. solo this afternoon. How laid back and was he. Beside running a great weekend he gave us Frankie Ballards "Helluva Life" & "Dixie Road" Angie accompanied hi for a couple of songs which was refreshing "Ball & Chain" and "I Hope You're The End of My Story a great Pistol Annies number.

Sunday the last night we offered up Richard Palmer & Texas Tornados. By now it was blowing up a storm outside the sea swell was something else. Opening to a full dance floor Richard gave us "This is me Missing You" and out of the arcades "Dream Lover" it so great to hear Richard singing Country. although he did succumb to a couple of requests Like "I'm Gonn'a be There" & a Chris De-Burgh's "The Words I Love You" [let you of Richard you sang a request] Texas Tornados Texas are a super trio who are always up for a party, "Seven Nights to Rock" way back in the archives of time Doris Day gave us " The Black Hills Of Dakota" Pete encouraged all to sing along to his rendition. Kenny Rogers "You Picked a Fine Time To Leave Me Lucille" Pete also gave us a song that he has written OMG. Look out for it on you tube "You'll always be my Cowgirl" Richard joined Pete to close the night. "high Class Lady" and an appropriate "Wagon Wheels". Roll on June. Bookings being taken now.

· Jacqui Peacock

Home today after 3 days at The Burstin Hotel in Folkestone Kent with Cheyenne Promotions (aka Angie & Ky Rivers of Cheyenne).

Strictly Country music Festival. Brilliant line up of country artistes.Carl Shay,Bob Keely, Glen Rogers, The Thrill Billies, John Permenter, Peter Shaw, Black Steel, Cheyenne & Honky Tonk Cliff workshop & DJ. Fabulous weekend,

Loads of dancing. New dances being taught were, Like Coca Cola in Hollywood (Wil Bos) Girl Crush (Rachael & Alison) Little Lady Bug (Tina) & quite a few had not done Galway Gathering so Cliff taught that as well. Cliff even managed to get Angie (of Cheyenne) on the floor to learn & dance one of the dances tub hat were taught. Whoo Hoo will have to get a set of 'L' plates for that girl !!!!.......

Ive booked my club members in already for November of this year because the line up on stage is Alan Gregory, Henry Smith Band, Paul Bailey, Calico, Steve Hanks, Saloon Drifters, Donna Wilde & Souls 'N' Stone. We don't want to miss this Festival!!! I just love the atmosphere at this venue & Angie & Ky are always around having a good old laugh with us all............................

Maureen Lincoln - Cool Country 

(Awaiting a couple of photos)

Cheyenne Promotions hosted on the 5th, 6th & 7th of June. A Weekend Festival at The Grand Burstin Hotel in Folkstone, our drive had been quite exciting just one or two bolts of lightning and a short spell of stair-rod rain, then arrival.
This evening's entertainment listed as John Permenter & our host's Cheyenne. Up first John Permenter Dressed in Red & Black + the appropriate Stetson. Texan John, Opened with a stomping "Wishful Thinking" with a wonderful medley of various Cajun/country music from "Texas Fiddle Man" to "Louisiana on a Saturday Night" John also did a great "Amarillo by Morning" is a George Strait Number sounding so good with John's fiddle twist to it. Also, guaranteed, with John up on stage you will hear nothing other than pure, pure country. !Wonderful. in addition to this evening our hosts. evening our hosts themselves Cheyenne together since 2004, gave us "Corn Don't Grow", a very Appropriate "Is It Friday Yet" Angie & Ky's bouncy stage presence complimented Texan John Permenter wonderfully. Angie's version of a Miranda Lambert's "Love Your Memory" was stunning. What a great opener for the weekend. Our Compare, DJ Honky Tonk Cliff, who has developed a superb way of complimenting the acts closing song.. He pulls out the original track that they sing by whilst singing out there praises.

Saturday & Sunday Morning Cliff ie Honky Tonk and his good lady Lynne, taught over this weekender the following dances. [1] Little Lady Bug, "Little Yellow Blanket" by Dean Brody [2] Galway Gathering " "Games People Play" by Nathan Carter [3] Girl Crush "Girl Crush by Little Big Town. [4] Like Coca Cola In Hollywood. The very Popular Partner Dances are taught by JB Western Dances, also each morning . Julie & Brian ie JB Western who are our resident partner tutors they taught the following [1] 'Here we are', Lee Brice, "I Don't Dance" [2] 'Darlin' Mambo' Heather Myles, "Who did you Call Darlin'. [3] 'C.R.S'. Brad Paisley "River Bank. [4]' New York' - The Tractors- "The Tulsa Shuffle" [5] 'Sweet Maureen' for 2 - Jambalaya "Sweet Maureen.

Saturday Lunchtime Peter Shaw entertained a great crowd, with a full floor all afternoon.

The evening was Carl Shay & Glen Rogers. Carl opened with a great version of "The Breeze" running straight into a Clay walker "Live, Laugh, Love", Carls version of Maurice John Vaughn's "Got To Be Funky" was a great addition to this evening's two sets packed full, with dance friendly country music numbers. Another gem this evening was Glen Rogers. with a voice that is to die for. His opener "Memories" so from oldies, like "Kelly's cannibals" & a wonderful rich sounding "Land Of Enchantment" during the evening " our Honky Tonk added to the night by almost making Glen choke on his words with laughter, at his antics, whilst he sang a song. Rarely aired, a George Strait's, "Like a Pony Express in The Wild, Wild West" absolutely 'wonderful'. Glen also sang "The Trilogy" which I for one, would love to hear more often. Glen & Carl closed the evening with a great "Loving All Night"

Sunday, after lessons. Bob Keeley entertained the afternoon's audience of listeners and dancers with absolute winning numbers, the likes, that only Bob can.

The evening new to me. Black Steel + The Thrillbillies where entertainers. Black Steel a duo sang some wonderful obscure country songs rarely aired [super it stretches my grey cells]. Marty Stuarts "The Sun Is Coming Up" and a great Garth Brooks "This Old Highway's Getting Longer" all in all both sets offered by Black Steel standards the likes "Bad Moon Rising" & What The Cow Girls Do" where great, for both listeners & dancers alike. The other half of our evening's entertainers The Thrillbillies. Eddy & Dave. Gave us a great" Mexifest" Keith Whitley's "Don't Close Your Eyes" a 1953 Hank Williams song "Take These Chains From My Heart" [covered by so many] sounded so good.

Our wonderful hosts Ky & Angie who us know that over £200 pounds had been raised for The Demelza House Children's Hospice. so, after closing the June festival. all I can say is come on down for the November Turkey & Tinsel Time one. Book early there is a great line up already booked.

Jacqui Peacock

Arriving at The Burstin Hotel in Folkstone ready for www.cheyenne-promotions.com Tinsel & Turkey Time Country Music weekend jamboree. Surprisingly, Already the floor was almost full with early arrivals waiting for their room keys dancing. I thought! this is going to be grand. 3p.m. check in time. Friday 13th, keys to room 911. out of the envelope. omg! . Need I worry? 'No'. A newly decorated room looking wonderful for me and my partner.

A busy Dance floor
A busy Dance floor

Our entertainers this evening Paul Bailey & Souls of Stone. Paul Opened the evening Dressed in Leathers, Stetson and great spangled jacket with an awesome set list, "Memories Are Made Of This" 1955 song but omg how popular. Paul gave us two sets. From "Heavenly Cha" to "Here Comes My Baby" the floor was a mass of Liners & partner dancers Paul likes to guide dancers into a marathon, "From A Jack To A King" "Take These Chains From My Heart" & Guy Mitchell's "Singing The Blues" etc., leaving all gasping. Paul did country music full justice. "islands In The Stream" "Dance With Me" I think Paul Just about covered all tastes. Ending with an encore, he closed on "Elvis's "Burning Love. wonderful. Souls Of Stone a replacement to "Saloon Drifters" the guitarist had open break to his wrist. Jaynie & Greg a great duo who revel in their country music. The mix of songs that Jaynie & Greg gave us was a wonderful mixture of old and new songs that kept the floor buzzing. all night. "That's How A Cowgirl breaks A Young Girls Heart" Toby Keith's "Last Living Cowboy" "Galway Girl" they closed their final set with a wonderful medley of Doris Day's songs "Deadwood Stage" "Secret Love" & Tennessee Waltz" absolutely wonderful those not dancing where swaying their arms in time to the music what a first night.

Those brave enough 10.30a.m. lessons with JB Western Dance & Honky Tonk Cliff. check the web site where all the dances are listed.

Kicking Country are our afternoon entertainers, not so hard with this wonderful group of people. They kept the floor busy. The unruly Cliff [Honky Tonk] is our DJ Emcee, linking the evening smoothly between live entertainers & the breaks playing some wonderful requests.

Its a dress Honestly!!
Its a dress Honestly!!

Saturday Night. Steve Hanks & Calico. Steve in great voice gave us "Honky Tonk Life" "Old Friends" & "Corn Don't Grow" I loved his version of "HonkyTonkVille" a George Strait number. Steve's a big guy with a wonderful voice [it lends itself not just to his radio show]. 'Back to the moment', the country numbers that Steve sings, Well!, he makes them sound so good. It was great hearing, some of the oldies along with really modern country music. Steve gave us a Desert Rose Band's "One Step Forward" Its the first time I've had the pleasure of seeing Steve. I hope it won't be the last. A wondrous , "Little Busy Bee" really enjoyed. I have to admit there wasn't a song sung that I didn't. During this Saturday evening we had our raffle. over 20 prizes donated all proceeds going to Demeiza House Hospice we raised £403.00. + 5 Euro's. Next I have to admit being a little sceptical when I saw that Calico listed, as I know them to be a great Line dance duo. However I didn't have to be perturbed in the least. Nikky Napier & Ian Watson 'Calico' gave us two sets packed to the gunnels with full on country numbers that where a pleasure to hear. Nikky opened with "Just To See You Smile" grand that filled the floor, from "My New Life" "Tennessee Waltz" "Strawberry Wine" Nikky & Ian closed with a wonderful "Eyes Wide Open" absolutely brilliant. Country music lovers need have no hesitation in booking them for a country music only set list.

15th Sunday after morning lessons Donna Wilde, a lass with a voice that blows dancers & listeners away. [I was laying down harrumph]. I was told she was a bundle of dynamite with a personality to match. I'm told she sung the likes of "Fast Moving Train" "It Happens" or even "Blue Eyes Crying in the rain" Donna has at least three albums out there, worth obtaining. the last evening rolling ever nearer.

Our very last night, Alan Gregory & The Henry Smith Band, however before this Ky asked all a minutes silence. All stood up for this which, closed with spontaneous applause.

Alan as bouncy and funny as ever, singing the Likes of "High Class Lady" and seeing the floor full with dancers, "Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open".+ new one for me. Nathan Carters "Good Luck To The Girl" [great song]. ""Shoebox" "Memphis Love" also a wonderful mix of an Everly Brothers medley of numbers he has very cleverly linked, and boy does it sound good. There's not a lot of times, you have the privilege of seeing a full on band on stage adding to that, a UK band that actually has a Nashville recording deal. The Henry Smith Band. Opening "Hallo Darkness my Old Friend" he gave us some actual humdingers that with a full live band behind them sound so good. "Walking After Midnight" & "Job description" along with the tongue twisting "Auctioneer " which is done with some aplomb by the master Henry is quite something. I adored Vince Gill's "If I didn't have you" during the last set Henry called Angie up onto the stage She sang "Two more Bottles Of Wine" with Henry also "I don't know you anymore" after a wonderful couple of songs Ky then sang "Copperhead Road" and Kris Kristofferson's "Help Me Make It Through The Night". almost done Henry Called Alan Gregory back. For a few magical moment's we had a Frank Spencer duel Both Alan & Henry conversed with each other via their Frank Spencer alter egos. Brilliant. They gave us an additional "Guitars & Cadillac's" "Rock Around The Clock" "Blue Suede Shoes" closing the weekend down with "Let It Be Me" & "Don't Close Your Eyes".

Now all that needs to be said, is see you all in February. Check out the web site www.cheyenne-promotions.com for updates, & of course Cheyenne's face book page.

Jacqui Peacock

What a fabulous wend had by all who attended the" Country Music" Event at the Burstin Hotel in Folkestone run a organised by the smashing Angie a Ky Rivers of Cheyenne Promotions.

Friday 19th the "Crystal Ball" Winner Richard Palmer started the ball rolling(as the saying goes) a he did not disappoint. Followed by the Saloon Drifters.

Sat afternoon Richard Palmer got the audience going a later in the evening the lovely Kay-D gave a superb performance a then the Gamblers.

Sunday afternoon well can I say anything further about this young man Daniel Berry, he certainly had the ladies fluttering a swooning over him(didn't we Brenda Saunders a Sue's. Brilliant performer cheers Daniel a lovely to meet ur other half too. Lastly by no means the icing on the cake to finish the wend off, the one a only "Everly Medley" Himself a excellent Mr Alan Gregory, did he entertain he certainly did. (We had a funny half hour with him a he didn't know whether he was coming or going ha) all I'm going to say is 'Nickers/Pants) he he!!!what a laugh!

Photo's of lovely friends Met up a had laughs with as follows: Sue Smyth, Brenda Saunders, Maureen Lincoln re(Mother Hen' but lovely with it) Jean a Jed, Margaret a John, Ange a Mick, Raye a Roger, Sue a Martin, Angie a Ky Rivers, Paul on the door, Cliff Hall DJ a all others friends around a long list but u all know who u re. Once again big thanks to all the Artistes for superb entertaining as always. Over a out( bet ur all thinking thank Goodness or worst) Ha!

(The photos that accomany this 'report' can be found in the Kent Country Gallery )