Due to ill health, the Best of British will (for the time being) be run by the support team.

Details of the revised contact numbers can be found on the Best of British web site.

We are pleased to announce the start of a new Country Music Venue.

The Chatham Suburban Club will be holding Country & Western evenings on the 4th Wednesday each month at their premises in Wyles Road, Chatham (see details)

The music will be from 8 - 11pm, but the Club is open before this.

The entrance fee for the C & W nights is £3 for non club members (£1 for Suburban club members) the times and entrance fee will be the same for all the C & W nights. 

With regret Shaun and I have decided to discontinue running Amigos from the new year. There's no big story, we're simply both too busy as working musicians to be able to devote the time needed. I have had to turn down a couple of tours this year, and Shaun has been offered some dates for 2017, two of which would have clashed with club night. We're delighted to let you know that Malcolm O'Dell and his wife Ann will take over from January, keeping the Amigos name. Malcolm and Anne ran the Silver Sabres club in Gillingham for many years and are known, I'm sure, to almost all of you who go to Amigos. We liked the way Silver Sabres was run and we have no doubt they will prove to be wonderful hosts at Amigos. Shaun and I have enjoyed the club thoroughly and we hope we mostly got it right when it came to booking the acts.
The remaining acts booked for 2016 are:
Sept 6: Kay D
Oct 4: Ray Peters Band PLUS Liza Marshall Band
Nov 1: Tony Crooks
Dec 6: Gone Country.
Acts for 2017 will be announced by Malcolm and Anne in due course.
Thank you all for supporting us since our opening night in Feb 2014!
See you at Amigos for Kay D on the 6th.Sept

We are told that The Country Sounds Country Music Club at Faversham has now closed.
The ill-health of its principle organisers has forced this decision on them.

We wish them all the best and hope to see them in the future as guests at some of the other clubs.

With one club closing, we are happy to hear that another is being planned.

Whilst we cannot give details yet, we understand that it is hoped to have the first of the monthly events in October.

Watch this site for more news

Copied below is a message we have received from Country Sounds

To Mick & Maggie,
Just to let you know that Country Sounds C.M.C has now closed there doors on the 27th August 2016 due to ill health on both of the club runners. We would like to thank you for all the hard work that you both do free of charge and in your own time in promoting all country clubs, We think you both do a wonderful job and appreciate all the work you have done for us and all the other clubs around.

We would also like to thank our loving DJ Malcom and the following helpers: James, Samuel, Joe and john for all there help through the last 6 years
And would like to thank all the loyal supporters we had constantly from the day that we open the club.

Once again thank you for all you guys do keep up the good work as I will enjoy reading other peoples up dates etc..
All the very best to you both.
Pete & Wend (Country Sounds C.M.C)